South World Impro Music is essentially produced in Trio
(opportunity of a guest surprised according to the arrivals! – all kind of instrument-)
It is also produced in impro-music-scene  » Musiscène « : the amateurs of improvisation ( professionals or not or even completely beginners, from any age , depending to the conditions *… ) after a few rehearsals can play on stage with members of the South World impro Music …

Producers, managers, private individuals, made play, and play on stage with the South World Impro Music!

« In the fringe of the intuit music development cross the orchestra stage production » : starting from a linear and vertical rhythmic system, and a chromatic harmony on the principle of the superimposed triads, the compositions are based on free improvisation («Volumetric System from Modulation & Accommodation of Time and Sound for Music, New Paradigm for Improvisation»)
Of a free improvisation we shape a standard structure on which we improvise again in a free way what that leaves the field to the intuitive expression of the instrumentalist and a total risk-taking on result a priori structured , South World Impro Music performs holism.
We can be outside as we can be inside of a thus structured grid, it is possible to move, to stretch, shrink, shift… to lag… offset…, superimpose, invert, to interchange, substitute, pass on… over… out, overlap, overflow, knead… triturate…, escape… and keep the appointment… but which one?!!! The new paradigm enables us to enter into the world of musicality… and real originality :
for this we use landmarks whose logic transcends theory and analyse, orality legitimization, true internal image of the artist, so… each one is taken into account in its musical substance and can evolve and develop artistically in natural way… in a mutual listening capacity.
-The structured part of a repertoire allows the providence -from an artistic aestheticism regarding the collective ethic of an audience- for broadcast and tour.
-The improvised part of a repertoire concerns the freedom of inspiration, expression and of artistic development of the player… from this holistic apprehension !
In the Fringe of the Intuit Music Development cross the Orchestra Stage Production.

*currently only Europeans, from LMD program minimum Master degree, solely by selection (the other opportunities can be seen, depending from proposals and acceptances of the conditions)