Rich and innovative by its compositions, this trio illustrates perfectly the Jazz Actuel (meaning the current jazz but for us is a cultural network lebeling for France). South World Impro Music invites us for an outstanding musical trip. Shifted jazz which ruffles/shakes the bars of the measures and of the styles without ever forgetting blues roots.

Anne-Marie Guillaumat Bass
Michel Dolique Drums
Jonathan Frick Piano

PROGRAM: declensions of a harmony and a rhythm in chromaticism

It is necessary to listen, to hear, understand, this repertoire, its pieces, as a Suite improvised in variations around a Blues in C or Gb (as you want) for 3 against 2 ie ternary / binary (Chicago Blues / Rhythm and Blues 2/2 or if you prefer 12/8-4/4), altered of course, (this is also a private joke), the whole repertoire (not the theme of each piece) is the system used for improvisation and allows to play « as it falls » with freedom, this is holism in the modulation and accommodation of the clave and of time and metric as well as rhythm and harmony … South World Impro Music performs holism !

In other words a direct risk-taking bringing us to a different experience/experimentation according the mood/feeling of the moment for every concert …

But what the essential is to share and let it flow by the music!